We are vanderpla, a creative community that cooperates with brands and organizations to find together a powerful visual and conceptual discourse to position them in their sector.

We are a design studio and digital marketing and communication agency. We provide a 360º service and we work with publishers, institutions, cultural and artistic projects, food and pharmaceutical companies.

We are millennials

An open, flexible, adaptive, participative and nonconformist generation that believes in the need to do things differently and the desire to generate a positive impact on the world around us.

We are not anchored in an office but we work hyperconnected: from our studio in Moià, from a coworking in Barcelona, from a cute bar or from a lost island while drinking a matcha latte (with a wood straw, of course!).

We believe in inspirational leadership, we don’t condemn self-critical hierarchy and we work with a horizontal organizational structure based on cooperation and respect. Our customers are our teammates. We like to establish a relationship of trust with our customers in order to achieve excellent results.

Anchored to the territory and open to the world

We have a bright studio in Moià, a space that allows us to feel close to nature, the origin of everything. This space, in addition, allows us to be in contact with the nearest territory to serve companies in the area.

The studio is an open space, shared intermittently with other professionals and creatives in order to establish synergies, add potential and enrich everyone’s creative vision.

Vanderpla is an area located in Moianès but aware of the need to be connected to Barcelona, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. We often work with other creatives located in the capital of Catalonia to complement our professional and knowledge network.


We are craftsmen of communication.

We provide our customers a creative vision that goes beyond design in order to give social value and coherence to their brands and/or organizations.

We treat each project with great care, both in the gestation process and during the development, monitoring and implementation.

Graphic design

Editorial design



Design of off line and online campaigns

Art direction

Corporate Identity

Audiovisual media


Motion graphics

Audiovisual content for XXSS

Corporate videos

Digital media

Digital campaigns

Web design and development






Creation of web content and XXSS

Communication strategies

Press notice and media relations

Communication media



Launching of brands and products

Content creators

Community management

Advertising photography



We are a network of professionals who cooperate to expand our potential and the services we offer. No limits We believe in specialization and this is the reason why we work with experts in different areas. This is the only way we can bring the best results to each of our projects.

Eudald Van der Pla

Graphic Designer & Creative Director

Bego Masdefiol

Communication and strategy

Eduard Morató

Photographer and graphic designer

Chus Sanchez


Ruben Vizcaya

Web developer

Jordi Romeu


Mireia Pujol

Sales manager

We believe in art and culture as tools for social transformation and that is why we promote creative productions in this direction. This is our way of doing politics. We are cultural activists, and yes, we want to change the world.

Festival Ex Abrupto

We are promoters of the festival of contemporary creations Ex Abrupto, which we produce in the capital of Moianès. We commission exhibitions, devise collective artworks and form multidisciplinary working groups to conceptualize innovative projects under the premise of absolute freedom. The festival is organized in non-formal spaces with the aim of merging cultural artifacts with the materiality of the environment.

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A cobert

In 2022 we have opened a new cultural space in Moià: A cobert. A space located in the same building as the Vanderpla studio, on the ground floor of the building where there used to be a pen of pigs. A cobert is a space for artistic creation and critical thinking, a space for introspection, debate, creation and warm wellcome. A space where to look for answers and also -more- questions about what is happening in the outside world.

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