Ecopyrene online store launching campaign

Ecopyrene is a family project that, generation after generation, has been dedicated to the calf grazing in Cerdanya to produce high quality organic meat.

Years ago they started direct distribution and Vanderpla designed the packaging of their products. In 2021 they opened an online sales channel to reach a wider audience.

To promote this new sales channel vanderpla has designed a campaign on Instagram focused on online sales and, at the same time, to make the brand visible.





Paula Massagué, copywriting & XXSS management

Miret Films, audiovisual production

Eduard Morató, photography



Online campaign design

Campaign announcement

Copywriting and social networks management

Packaging design


Mindful eating.

A moment of mindfulness for your senses. almost an ASMR exercise to enjoy the taste, texture and aroma of a good Ecopyrene steak…

Naturally irresistible.

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