Comprehensive communication campaign for the Ex Abrupto 2022 Festival

The Ex Abrupto 2022 festival is organized by Moià City Council with the artistic direction of the Ex Abrupto collective. The residents of Carrer Sant Sebastià – an old medieval suburb – will be transformed into active agents and cede their homes to artists and the public. Houses, houses and palaces become spaces of creation and will be intervened with artistic installations and dissimilar performances. Francesc Viñas Municipal Park will become the social space of the festival; there will be the self-publishing market, a live broadcast by Ràdio Moià, the legendary tattoo session, musical performances throughout the day and night and the festival bar.

Client: Ex Abrupt

Campaign & design management: vanderpla

Image and video: Sito Ruiz & Ruben Bautista

Photographs: Eduard Morató / cà

Only video X2022: Da :: Ma

Press: XXL Comunicación , Nerea Campo C. , Bego Masdefiol


Online and off line design campaign

Vídeo campanya


press campaign


Ex Abrupto is an experimental festival of multidisciplinary contemporary creations. It is a space of encounter, knowledge, artistic rebellion and connection with the territory.

We work with creative currents, local entities and groups, with emerging and established contemporary creators. The festival is organized in non-formal spaces with the aim of fusing cultural artifacts with the materiality of the environment. And we explain it in the first person because it is our festival, we direct it.

Press campaign

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