Citizenship Campaign: Sexual Assault and Alcohol Consumption in the Context of Nightlife.

Without neglecting other circumstances, contexts or causes of sexual assault, in this campaign we have focused on the most ‘socially accepted’ (and often ‘normalized’) assaults: sexual violence in nightlife between young people and under the influence of alcohol.

From phrases that blame alcohol for aggression, (taken from a possible social context, and in the mouth of a young person), we want to draw the viewer’s attention and create controversy, either because feel alluded to, to surprise him, or to annoy him.


Ajuntament de Moià


Online and off line design campaign

Vídeo campanya



Alcohol inhibits the person who consumes it, but it is NOT the cause of sexual assault.

Alcohol is often an abuser’s excuse for not taking responsibility for his or her assault. Alcohol does not release the perpetrator from liability.

Alcohol is also often a reason to blame a victim of sexual assault for going under the influence of alcohol. A person who has been assaulted is NEVER guilty of being assaulted.

Practical tricks so that alcohol doesn’t end up making your party bitter.

“Alcohol is a drug that causes serious social and health problems. But you already know that and this is not a post to tell you not to drink, but to give you some tricks that may be useful to you. if you decide to do so. “

“Because you’re young, but not ignorant. And because you choose. You decide whether to drink alcohol or not. And you’re also the one who can decide how to do it. As you know, between drinking a beer or ending an alcoholic coma There’s a lot of difference. And if you go out partying to have fun, ending up on the floor isn’t a good option. “

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